Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto 

Kamerata Stradivarius in

Concertgebouw Amsterdam




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Razvan Stoica review STRAD MAGAZINE 
Paganini: 24 Caprices for Solo Violin

Paganini’s music is a proving ground for virtuosity and this, surely, is what ensures its enduring appeal. Razvan Stoica’s approach to the Caprices here suggests that virtuosity is his motivation, particularly when contextualised by hyperbolic booklet-notes about this alumnus of the Enescu Conservatoire in Bucharest and former pupil of Ilya Grubert in Amsterdam.


Indeed, there is much here that seems to make such comments justified. Stoica is a committed player with a fantastic command of up-bow staccato and ricochet bow strokes, as in Caprices nos.1 and 7, for example. There is some impressively fast playing – as in nos.4 and 16 – and the awkward no.17, which catches out the very best, is well managed here. Tone production throughout is strong and clean.